Unlocking human capital through peoples soft skills training is key.

What often brings people and companies like yourself to want to take effect? 360 degree feedback! This leads to enriching their human resources and organisational development.

The best way to drive positive behavioural change for your team is the ‘bespoke’ approach, equipping your people to unleash their potential. Your company is unique therefore so should your training be.

Has your company focused solely on ‘hard’ technical skills training or you may have dedicated a low percentage to people skills? Then you will have a soft skills gap.

Champion the investment in soft skills

“Soft skills have a direct financial output and impact on our economy and business. They matter to individuals too, as many as 97% think of employees think soft skills are important”

James Caan

What are your challenges…

You may be finding difficulty gaining clients? Or is it that you can gain clients but not retain them? Do you have a high staff turnover and would like to retain more? Are some managers having negative 360 degree feedback? Are your staff ‘nodding off’ during meeting presentations?

Why us?

  • Bespoke courses, tailoring our approach to your business objectives and your industry.
  • Learner engagement! Accelerated Learning Techniques identified by leading scientists and psychologists to be incredibly effective as they are interactive, creative and appeal to right and left brain stimulation.
  • The right learning solutions for you. A training needs analysis and a collaborative process, working alongside you every step of the way.
  • Transferring learning to your workplace! Opt for business simulation that works. One on one ‘on the job’ coaching. Enabling you to embed the new skills and guaranteeing you a higher level of transfer to your work place.
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