What is Role Play?

‘Role play business simulation’ or ‘real play’ is proven to be highly effective in embedding learning in your participants. We provide professionally trained ‘Workplace Role Players’ to practice with, to cement their knowledge and skills.  We collaborate with you to create a fictitious, but realistic, workplace challenge that closely resembles real life.

An interesting fact – Research has shown that two weeks after learning takes place we remember the most by “dramatized experience and direct purposeful experience”- Dale 1969.   It has been said that “Active Experimentation” is essential for learning – Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle 1984.

The use of real play as part of your employee’s training is the most effective method of instilling long term learning.

Bespoke Solutions

We collaborate with you to create a simulation of a real life workplace challenge, bespoke to you, your sector and your company. Areas we can cover for you are:

  • Manager and employee scenario – for example, dealing with performance issues
  • Sales person and customer scenario – for example, sales techniques with a customer and dealing with issues or complaints.
  • Contact Centre Agent and customer scenario – for example phone calls or live chat.
  • Colleague to colleague scenario – for example communicating effectively.
  • Business to business selling scenario – for example: presenting effectively, successful negotiation, telephone techniques, assertiveness, effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Take Effect Role Players bring your workplace scenario to life, using tried and tested techniques,

to bring you a safe and effective learning environment.

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