Role Play Aids Your Company To:

  • Assess your participant or a candidates soft skills.
  • Improve your employees skills set and abilities.
  • Maximise your investment knowing that the Learners are literally trying out their new skills in a safe environment.
  • Cement Learning Know for definite that the skills taught by by us are being put into practice straight away, thus effectively cementing learning in the here and now.
  • Evaluate their learning needs to create a specific future development plan for each individual.
  • Instil a true understanding in your employees of your customers point of view.
  • Engage your employees Create an interesting and engaging learning experience.
  • Appeal to all – Ensure that you are appealing to the kinesthetic and interpersonal learning styles of your participants. It is proven that when they ‘experience’ it they will remember it.

How Role Play Aids The Learner To:

  • Be able to practice for an event or potential situation.
  • Embed learning and increase skill level.
  • Gain direct feedback and coaching specific to them and their needs.
  • Adapt to changes with their own behaviour, skill and possible habits.
  • Try out their own ideas in a safe environment.
  • Create an action plan. Potentially create a personal specific action plan following on from the session.
  • Enable teamwork through a shared experience of business related problem solving
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