Business simulation will ensure that your employees embed their learning and transfer it back to your workplace. The role player assigned to you may well have worked extensively within your sector. Many of our Professional Role Players have had a previous life in the corporate or public sector before training as an Actor. Our range of Professional Actor Workplace ‘real players’ are adept at being Managers, employees, customers, clients, patients, Health Care Professionals and members of the public. They are trained in house, are fully briefed and they integrate seamlessly into your workplace.

“The role play was so good, you believed the situation it felt real, very emotive and very close to the real life situation”

The National Health Service

Our Take Effect Role Players:

  • Undergo a rigorous selection process.  Our Professional Simulators have in depth interviews, demonstrate all skills required, provide references and so on. Following the result of this we will then place them on our internal role player training courses to ensure they are highly skilled.
  • Prior formal training.  They have been vetted to ensure prior formal training in their field at accredited Drama Schools, Universities or other relevant courses/experience.
  • Understand the demands of a training and business environment.  The simulators that we use are highly experienced and create a safe, supportive environment.
  • Trained by us.  They are trained by us internally to ensure quality and a high standard for you.
  • They are adept at recreating the real life business simulation  With our convincing life-like simulation, your learners will fully engage and thus reap the benefits from their new skills.
  • Provide consistency and realism. Our Professional Simulator offers you consistency and realism in the role; as appose to the option of using your nervous colleague to role play with.  This is essential for you, especially when your participants are being assessed.

Our Role Player Approach

As a Take Effect Role Player they have been trained to be:

  • E – Effective in supporting a training session, following the brief and aiding with you reaching your learning objectives.
  • F – Familiar with the workplace sector that the simulation takes place in and ensure that they are fully ‘up to speed’ with the brief content. They are able to improvise around the subject matter with ease.
  • F – Follow the set processes and structure that are in place for the sessions.  They fully understand the set boundaries that are in place.
  • E – Empathic with your Learner, understanding that the feedback has to be: depersonalised, positive, constructive.
  • C – Clarity within how they role play and in their constructive feedback. In addition, they actively seek clarity with their brief in their preparation prior to the day.
  • T – Truth They bring a strong element of truth and realism to the simulation. It is as ‘real life’ as is possible for you, following the brief requirements. They are truthful whilst being objective in their feedback. They maintain a safe, supportive environment.

“Take Effect have a real understanding in how to bring a business simulation to life. They created a safe and productive environment which was clearly evident in their great results”

Maeve Ferris, Training Manager, Sky Broadcasting Ireland

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