Unlocking your human capital through people skills competency training.

If you asked us “What often brings people and companies like ourselves to want to take effect?” We would answer: 360-degree feedback! Has your company focused solely on ‘hard’ technical skills training? Have you previously dedicated a low percentage of your training allocation to people skills? If the answer is yes, then you will undoubtedly have a soft skills gap within your team. Your company is unique, therefore it is essential that the training course we provide you with also is.

We pride ourselves in the way we tailor to your business objectives.


“The Take Effect course was extremely useful and far better than other courses”


– Ravi Bhalla, Director, award winning I-COM International

What are your workplace challenges?

You may be finding any of the following a challenge:

  • To improve your customer service?
  • To gain more clients from your pitches?
  • To retain the customers you already have?
  • To improve your Managers 360-degree feedback?
  • You want your staff meetings to be more fruitful?
  • To reduce staff turnover?
  • To reduce your teams internal conflicts?

All of these issues can be drastically improved with the investment in training in people skills competencies, for you teams.

People Skills Competencies for Workplace Conversations:

  1. Client Relationship Management – Business to Business Consultations, Winning Conversations, Networking
  2. Consumer Customer Communications – Managing the Relationship, Dealing with Complaints, Call Centre Conversation Techniques
  3. Personal Impact – Mind-Set, Presentations, Advanced Communication Skills, Assertiveness
  4. People Management – Soft Skills for Management, Delivering Feedback.

Why us?

Training With A Difference

Many other companies lack genuine learner engagement from their courses. Our Learning Techniques are identified by Behavioural Psychologists and Learning Scientists to be incredibly effective. This ensures that your course is: interactive, creative, engaging, unique.

Embedding Learning That Lasts

To transfer learning into the workplace, choose our business simulation options that gain you results. You can avoid the ‘one hit wonder’ that so many training companies offer, whereby the improvement is fleeting. In contrast, we offer ongoing on site and remote coaching support for your Management and Coaches, to see your improvement continue beyond.

People That Care About Your People

It is extremely important that your learners are supported and provided with a safe and nurturing training environment. The behavioural science speaks for itself in the results; if your participants feel safe, engaged and on the edge of their comfort zone they will learn the most.

Champion the investment in soft skills…

“Never has it been more important than now to invest. Research shows that Soft Skills have a direct financial output and impact on our economy and our businesses. It’s time to take action” 

Amanda Owen, Take Effect Training.



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