Soft Skills the Superhero of Customer Service Excellence

Today’s customers are well-informed, they know what they want and have plenty of providers to choose from. You will know all too well, that with the click of a button their opinion of you can go viral. Building trust through human interaction has never been more important than now. It is a key differentiator to winning even more customers and to retaining their loyalty. Effective communication is more than just common sense, it is a valuable learnt skill.

Customer Service Training has not caught up with the rapidly changing customer service landscape. To improve NPS and CSAT scores you need to ensure behavioural changes within your teams, to enable them to cope with the growing powerful demands of your customers. It is time to take action and Take Effect.

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Embrace our different

Your fear as a business, is not of being different, but of being the same. Originality is in our DNA here at Take Effect. The training you gain is effective, engaging and, above all else, will ensure behavioural changes in your teams.

Transferring skills back into your workplace

We can add further value to your training with our unique Business Simulation offering:

  • We create exciting training scenarios that reflect your real-life service situations
  • Our ‘real-play’ experts act as your customers or clients and bring the scenarios to life
  • Your team practices their newly found skills in this safe environment
  • Your teams return to the workplace 100% motivated and prepared

This bridges the gap from training to real-life and ensures you gain outstanding, sustainable results.  Skills Practice is essential to embed learning within your participants.

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“I would highly recommend Take Effect as creative, personable and dependable professionals for any environment”

Wasim Benarch, Training Manager, British Sky Broadcasting.

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