Would you like to master the power of communication?

How would you feel knowing that you could build rapport in microseconds, influence and engage the listener? Or do you want to learn how to deal with difficult interactions? With your Take Effect Toolkit and interactive training sessions, your team will be able to so this with ease.

Your Toolkit can contain:

The art of advanced communication

  • Successful pitching
  • Confident collaboration
  • Two way success
  • The expert listener

Understanding the exchange

  • Workplace transactional analysis
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Removing barriers
  • Strength in communication

A successful conversation

  • Winning body language
  • Communication process models
  • Gain results with questioning
  • Build rapport in microseconds

Influencing and persuading

  • Voice of influence
  • Power words
  • Collaborative language
  • The key to communication types

Length of courses

We offer one day and two day course options, enquire today to be inspired by our flexible options.

The option of  Tetramap

What is Tetramap?

Tetramap is a Behavioural Communication Model and a structured training tool.  It easily integrates into people and team development.  It provides a common language for everyone to use and is applicable to all levels.

It enables participants to understand communication types and how and when to use differing ways of communicating adapting to each individual.  It is an engaging model that people can relate to quickly.

It covers four Communication Styles, four Performance Models, four Leadership Competencies and four elements of nature, an easy to understand Behavioural Model.

It helps to:

  • Lift sales and service performance.
  • Improve communication.
  • Provides a common language.
  • Strengthen unity in teams.

Tried and Tested

It has been highly successful, being used worldwide as a model to aid companies.   We can provide you with Tetramap training.  Here at Take Effect we have a certified Tetramap Trainer within our team.   Contact us to find out more.

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