Are you thinking of using your own staff to speak on camera?  

We offer one on one coaching, which helps you to maximise the impact of using your own people on camera.  For the untrained person, speaking on a corporate promotional DVD or online media can be a daunting prospect.  How do you keep control of those nerves? Answer: Training in Mind-Set Skills. Why is it that your highly skilled, confident, extraverted employee diminishes on camera? Answer: A lack of training and confidence. We tailor the training to your industry sector, we can cover:

  • Communicating through the lens.
  • Build instant rapport with your viewer.
  • Winning body language.
  • Powerful language and vocal techniques.
  • Script structure.
  • Personalised action plan and video clips for reference.
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“The on-screen coaching sessions were brilliant, very effective, really motivating and I took a great deal away from it”

Sam Witter, CEO, The Tri Plan

With the recent explosion in popularity of online videos, never has it been more important for you to have a strong online presence. Your customers may want to see the real faces of your brand. Ensure that your team member represents your brand image with a relaxed, engaging onscreen presence. Born with it? Answer: We believe no! The professionals make it look easy, but they will have had extensive on-screen training. Learn the how and we can maximise your investment.

“The Take Effect Trainer was very energetic and really got what I needed from the session. Great training, great results”

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