There is nothing ‘soft’ about Soft Skills when they gain you results!

Management and Leadership People Skills are a learnt skill, as appose to being innate. Therefore it is crucial that you support your team and yourself to release your potential. Research continues to show that the quality of the People Management in your company or organisation greatly affects your productivity.

“Organisations that adopt high performance working practices which are underpinned by high quality people management can expect to receive a 20% increase in productivity and profitability.” – According to Chartered Institute of Personnel.

We can help with training programmes in: Managing Difficult Conversations, Effective Communication to Improve Performance, Flexing Leadership Styles, Motivation and Negotiation, Managing Up & Sideways, Leading a Team to High Performance, Leading Effective Meetings, Emotional Intelligence. We can provide training on Managing Difficult Conversations which has often been an area cited as a gap in the capability of front line management. CIPD findings state that:

“A quarter of managers found conflict management skills difficult to apply, with 30% worried about managing difficult conversations”
“Only 40% of employees and 42% of those in managerial roles agreed or strongly agreed that their line manager deals objectively with a team’s conflict”

Your road to successful People Management:

To have a managerial role is a tough challenge to face. The three key areas for success are: Communicating, Motivating and Leading. You and your Managers will discover:

Manage, lead and succeed.

  • Best practice for 1st time Managers
  • Management success top tips
  • Levels of decision making
  • Effective time management
  • Performance management tools

Empower your team

  • Communicating your vision
  • Lead through clever communication
  • GROW, coach to success
  • Motivation & reward techniques
  • Enablers to change

Become an effective leader

  • The stages of listening
  • The strength, interpersonal skills
  • Persuasion techniques
  • Barriers to communication
  • Discover your management style

Soft Skills for results

  • Dealing with performance issues
  • Conflict management
  • Transactional analysis at work
  • Deal with employee emotions
  • Contributing to outcome

Powerful presenting

  • Winning body language.
  • Engaging your Audience
  • Appeal to the right & left brain.
  • Build rapport in microseconds
  • Incorporating tools

Theory into practice

  • Knowledge into practice
  • Managing your mind set
  • Apply new skills with confidence
  • Growing your strengths
  • Identifying development areas

Evidence shows that a lack of Management Training stalls business growth

“More than two thirds (68%) of UK employers agree weaknesses in Leadership and Management Skills are preventing employees from reaching their full potential” – According to research by Cranfield School of Management and Learn Direct.

Could the issue of poor leadership and management be holding back the success of both your company and its individuals?

Aiming for a high level of competency in People Skills for Management is a crucial focal point for the future success of your business. Choose to take effect with:

  • Memorable, inspiring training with high learner retention levels
  • Bespoke, highly effective, interactive courses with optional business simulation
  • Trainers with a fresh outlook and originality in our DNA
  • Our approach is adapted to be in line with your competency framework, organisational objectives and goals

Opt for business simulations

In order to transfer new knowledge into skills for the workplace we provide a realistic business simulation, with the use of professional role players.

“Previous research has shown that the core management competencies can be taught (Burgoyne et al 2004) however this is mostly where learning programmes are enhanced with elements of raising self-awareness, feedback and hands on experience

Following the use of differing workplace scenarios, each Manager is provided with detailed developmental feedback from a Qualified Trainer.

Our trained professional workplace real players will

  • Create a realistic situation suited to your specific work environment
  • Vary the degree of difficulty levels
  • Ensure consistency for recruitment and assessment situations
  • Simulate different employee personality types and various difficulties

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