The key to success is in your recruiting decision

We can aid you to reach success by providing Professional Business Actors for business simulation for your Recruitment and Assessment days.

The recruitment and choice of employees is fundamental to the function and progress of an organisation.  If the recruitment is right then you have the solid base to build on.  This is particularly important in successful people management.

“The role player had the task of role playing four scenarios and managed to keep the scenarios consistent…a better way of interviewing candidates”  

South Staffordshire Housing Association

Why not give the candidate the opportunity to show you what they can do?

We can help you during the resourcing cycle to do just that:

  • The Workplace Simulation gives you the opportunity to see the candidate in action.
  • An assessment is made by either Take Effect or your company assessor.  This aids your important decision and the on going development of the individual should they be taken on.

It is so imperative to gain a full picture of a candidate.

Business simulation aids you to do that.  In your verbal interviews a candidate may well be able to articulate their skills, but can they put the theory into practice?  A candidate may have difficulty verbally putting across their skill level, let them show you what they can do.

 Our Business Actors will:

  • Be consistent with each participant to ensure fairness and professionalism.
  • Stick to your brief that is provided to them in advance of the session.
  • Give feedback that is objective in either or both verbal and written form to support your individual assessment.
  • Be objective.  They have had training to make them aware of avoiding inaccurate perception such as not having Preconceived Opinions, or Being Influenced (for example by others observations of other parts of candidates assessment) and not Stereotyping, all of which are important for effective recruitment.
  • Confidential.  They are aware of confidentiality and are requested to sign a confidentiality agreement for your reassurance.

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“Bringing in a role player for the session made it flow very well, it was thought provoking, made me think about how patients feel”

National Health Service

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