The Art of Selling

Do you want to unlock the potential in your salespeople?

Are top sales performers born or made? At Take Effect, we know that sales skills can be learnt, practised and enhanced. If it is people who sell your product or service, then whatever your sales environment and goals, we are here to help.

Following a detailed Training and Learning Needs Analysis, we design a bespoke programme for you. You can be certain of significant training results that pave the way for an increase in sales performance. We offer the following two sales skills programmes.

The Journey to Sales Success

This programme is for new starters or for experienced salespeople when they need a refresher. Topics may include:

Getting ready for sales success

  • Traits of top sales performers
  • Personal barriers and comfort zones
  • The mindset for sales success

About buying and selling

  • Customer needs and wants
  • The customer’s buying decision
  • The sales process

Connecting with the customer

  • The customer’s perspective
  • First impressions
  • Rapport-building tools and tips

Self-awareness and communication

  • Communication styles and how to adapt
  • Body language, voice and words
  • How to convey positivity and instil confidence

Establishing needs

  • Three levels of listening
  • Questions that gain real insight
  • Structure and focus

Presenting products or information

  • Features, advantages and benefits
  • Emotional language
  • Presenting price

Sales challenges

  • From objection to opportunity
  • The reassurance approach
  • Overcoming indecision

Winning commitment

  • Buying signals
  • Three ways to close
  • Reinforcing the decision

Sales Success and Beyond

This advanced programme is for experienced salespeople who are ready for the next level of success. It unlocks greater potential in even the highest performers. Depending on your needs, it may cover:

  • Maximising the value of the sale
  • Handling ‘difficult’ people and situations
  • Negotiation skills for win-win outcomes
  • Sophisticated approaches for gaining commitment
  • Relationship management
  • How to win long term customer loyalty
  • An overview of ‘The Journey to Sales Success’
  • The psychology of buying and selling
  • The secrets of instant rapport
  • B2B confidence even when dealing with the most senior buyers
  • Different customer communication styles and how to adapt
  • The language of influence and persuasion

Transferring skills back to the workplace

You may wish to add further value to your training with our unique Business Simulation offering:

  • We create training scenarios that reflect your real life sales situations.
  • Our role play experts act as your customers and bring the scenarios to life.
  • Your team practises their new skills in this safe environment.
  • They return to the workplace 100% motivated and prepared.

This bridges the gap from training to real life and ensures you get outstanding, sustainable results.

Learn More

We can also offer one-to-one coaching to consolidate skills and build even greater confidence and success.

Length of courses

We offer the options of one day, two day and three day courses.  Time restricted?  No problem we can provide half day ‘buzz’ sessions also.  Call us today to be inspired by our options and tailored ideas.

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Your salespeople are one of your keys to business success.  If you would like to find out more about how Take Effect can release their true potential, call us on 0161 2478581 or e-mail us at

“After Take Effects coaching my sales went through the roof, I actually hit 267% of my target”

Alan Dowling, Retail, British Sky Broadcasting

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