The power of an effective presentation

Have you ever met a successful entrepreneur with poor presentation skills? No! Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg all deliver empowering, poignant and memorable presentations to their audience, leaving them feeling inspired and valued.  The power of an effective presentation is priceless for several reasons.

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The fruits of delivering effective presentations can be enjoyed in any kind of organisation, regardless of the product or service on offer. Managing the presentation properly promotes successful relationships with stakeholders and staff which ultimately translate to growth and success.

Effective presentations can yield the following results:

Builds stronger relationships

People buy people therefore staff need to talk in a strong and confident way to promote honesty, integrity and confidence. The client will perceive the business to be positive and genuine, which in turn will lead to long, fruitful relationships between supplier and client.

Motivate your workforce

Empowering staff to be inspired when talking about their work gives them confidence and motivates the workforce. Motivated staff equal a successful organisation. In fact the CIPD identify that these positive relationships are evidenced with:

“profit, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, staff retention, efficiency and health and safety performance.”

Promote a successful culture

Effective presentations in organisations make collaboration strong because of the culture of ‘shared best practise.’ Indeed cite:

“The age of pitting one star performer against another is over, as today collaboration and cooperation rule. In the cutthroat environment of a down economy, who needs internal one-upmanship?”

‘Presenters’ set a clear direction and constantly reinforce it, involving people at all levels in the decision making process, because it encourages ownership of the results.

Leave a lasting impression

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, leaving a lasting impression on a colleague or client has never been more important. The best way to do this? Ensure that you deliver a powerful presentation. Strong presentation performances will leave a longer, lasting impression on the individual receiving the presentation.

Increases productivity

Finally, leaving a lasting impression with a client by delivering a strong presentation means that they will remember you in the long term. This makes the client more likely to pick up the phone and call you when they need your product or service. The result? Increased sales, increased profit and an improved bottom line.

I would like to leave you with a final quote from the self-made billionaire Warren Buffett from a recent interview with Levo:

You have to get out there and do it…if you can’t communicate and talk to other people… you’re giving up your potential

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