The Challenge…

Acer are a PC manufacturer and global internet enabler they believe in innovation and provide services relevant to today’s advancing technology.  They are the third largest global supplier of Desktop computers and second largest supplier of Notebook laptops.  They are known for their products that deliver great power and performance.  They were launching their new Aspire Desktop and Notebook series all with an array of capabilities.  The challenge was for their Sales Agents to create a real impact when launching this new exciting product in today’s very competitive market place.

The Solution Provided By Us

  • Collaborated on the content design for the training to ensure maximum engagement of the participants.
  • Designed training exercises to solidify the learning outcomes.
  • Used our proven methods of information retention and exercises to support transference of this information from the training room to the sales floor.

How Did We Take Effect?

  1. We collaborated with the L&D department in Acer’s head office in London to provide an engaging and informative training sessions for their Sales Agents.
  2. The aim was to motivate and ignite the Sale Agents enthusiasm and for them to gain a full understanding of the outstanding features and benefits of these Acer products.
  3. The Sales Agents were motivated to inspire their customers with a range of new products including, the Acer Aspire One 751 Netbook, Aspire 5810T Timeline, Aspire 5837z Multimedia and Aspire X1300 Desktop.
  4. They left with a clear understanding of Acers USPs, the products functionality, features and selling benefits and how to utilise these when pitching on the sales floor.
  5. The Sales Agents found the training to be engaging and informative.   The highly effective Accelerated learning techniques used by us at Take Effect enabled them to take in the information quickly and more importantly to retain and recall it.

Our Results

Training was delivered across the UK, to over 2,000 Acer Sales Advisors.

The Sales Agents left enthusiastic, fully prepared and knowledgeable about their exciting new product.

The Acer Aspire Series product launch was a huge success.

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