The Challenge…

The National Health Service is committed to meeting the needs of patients. The service is designed to diagnose treat and improve both physical and mental health. The NHS aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism: In the provision of high quality care that is safe effective and focused on patient experience.  In the people that it employs and in the support, education and training and development that they receive.  The NHS’s approach is for respect, dignity, compassion and care to be at the core of how patients and staff are treated.  With this in mind, the Cancer Network department were rolling out Advanced Communication Training Courses aiding Health Care Professionals in dealing with difficult situations, dealing with high emotions and delivering unfortunate bad news.

The Solution Provided By Us

  • We provided the solution of two key and essential Professional Real Player business simulators for the Manchester area for over 4 years. They were trained to give professional unbiased feedback to Heath Care Professionals to aid learning and increase skill levels.
  • We provided Professional Role Players for Hospices to aid with Advanced Care Planning dealing with difficult long term illnesses, such as Muscular Dystrophy.

How Did We Take Effect?

  1. We at Take Effect provided the key Role Players for over 4 years for the Manchester area* and they became reliable and valued members of the Maguire Cancer Network Training Team.
  2. We liaised directly with the core Training Team to ensure that we were providing the highest quality.
  3. We worked closely with the Trainers to gain a true and in depth understanding of the NHS methods and practices.  We fully embraced the NHS’s core aims and aided in achieving their objectives.
  4. We enhanced the participant’s skills, through providing skilled role players who provided feedback to them, thus sustaining their learning through direct experience.

We are proud of the contribution that we made to the NHS, during those four and a half years, addressing such difficult illnesses that affects the lives of so many.

Just Some of Our Results

100% rated it as Excellent.

95.8% said it had increased their confidence in Advance Care Planning discussions.

100% said they had enjoyed the use of safe role play in the training.

“They were well prepared.  Knew their subjects well, the feedback seemed real and accurate to our patients”

“I struggled in the past to start difficult conversations but now I have the tools to do it”

“The Role Player was so good you believed the situation it felt real, very emotive and very close to the real life situation.  They fully involved themselves in the role.”

“Bringing in a Professional Role Player for the role play made it flow very well, it was thought provoking, made me think about how patients feel.”

“It helped to build my confidence and highlight how important these conversations are to so many patients”

“Very helpful, excellent Role Player, very realistic and effective, emotions were portrayed very well.  So realistic, even wanted to cry with her”

*Through Frontline Agency

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