How would you feel if your senior team had a powerful Toolkit to use for Public Speaking and presentations? 

You would learn the secrets to powerful persuasion, communicating your specialism with ease and winning over your audience in seconds.

Answer: Delighted!  Your meetings and presentations would be cohesive, powerful and memorable. Ensure that your team communicate your brand effectively by discovering the secrets of success based on neuroscience, psychology and human behaviour theories.

To stand in front of a large group of people fills the majority of people with apprehension. This is due to a basic animal instinct that is still activated which is no longer useful to humans. We believe that presentation skills are a learnt skill. It is crucial that all of your team are communicating the right messages.

“Excellent content, delivered by an expert”

Nives Feely, Finance Director, Sellick Partnership

Your Bespoke Presentations Toolkit can include:

Powerful connection with your audience

        • Winning body language
        • Gestures with impact
        • Deliver with power and energy
        • How to influence

Key to winning

        • Building rapport in microseconds
        • Vocal intonation and pace
        • Dealing with audience types
        • Cycles of thought and behaviour

Appealing to your audience

        • Individual communication preferences
        • Right brain and the left brain
        • Brain retention
        • Know your audience

Planning script delivery

        • Seven steps to planning greatness
        • Instant impact
        • Anchor power words
        • Purposeful positioning

Motivate to listen

        • Engage from the word go
        • Stimulate, motivate and cultivate
        • Dynamic delivery
        • The powerful pause

 Extra mile to maximise

        • Using visual aids effectively
        • Structure speech success
        • Visualise to maximise impact
        • Honing your techniques

Course Options:

The length of our courses are bespoke to tailor to your needs. You can choose one, or a combination of the following options:

Option A: One on one coaching half day – The most effective method of learning and development can be coaching, this is because it is tailored in the moment to each individual.

Option B: Small Group Sessions – This is for a maximum of six people per Trainer, to maximise the individual attention available. It includes practical action learning and an opportunity for each Learner to present. Your Learners benefit from the group sharing feedback, alongside our experts tips.

Option C: Larger Group Courses – These are for a maximum of 12 participants. These courses are theory based, along with interactive group exercises.

Option D: Conference Size Settings – We can provide you with a Take Effect Professional Public Speaker for large groups. The talk subjects have included Personal Presence For Business Success, Personal Impact and Creative Leadership.

“I really enjoyed the public speaking training, Take Effect was quick at getting results.

A relaxed and enjoyable experience”

Alexandra Hockie, Marketing Activation Specialist, Starbucks

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