Passionate about your people

We improve your human interactions through our training programmes, as we have a solid track record of working with organisations like yours. We understand your challenges in the Public Sector and a need for Social Return on Investment. Immerse your learners in ‘learning by doing’ to experience tangible results.

We are Human Interaction Experts. Areas we can help you with are:

  • Improving your customers contact centre experience & increasing satisfaction ratings
  • Supporting your management to address performance issues more effectively.
  • Dealing effectively with conflict, using conflict resolution techniques.
  • Effective people management, through improved interactions with staff.
  • Helping with recruitment and identifying candidate authenticity, through workplace simulations.
  • Your senior level and board presentations and public speaking needs.

Find out the ways in which you can increase your customer service excellence with this document.

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 “Take Effect set a really great benchmark for the team to follow. They were clearly passionate about service”

– Ryan Coles, Call Centre Manager, Plymouth Community Housing

“The Role Player was so good you believed the situation it felt real, very emotive and very close to the real life situation.”

National Health Service

Organisations we can help with are:

Housing Associations, National Health Service, Metropolitan Police, The Fire Service, County Council, Education, Law Training Schools and Charities.

Wanting reliable professional simulator role players?

Our professional role players can effectively take on the role of a member of the public, a patient, or that of a colleague, depending on your specific requirements.

The How

We offer tailor made pioneering courses to suit your needs, these can include:
1. Engaging interactive accelerated learning training sessions
2. Enthralling bespoke workplace simulation theatre
3. Action Learning authentic role play sessions with professional Actors

Housing Associations

Improving tenant experience

With the onset of 24 hour media, the growing scrutiny of organisations and your customers facing more challenges in uncertain times, building trust has never been more crucial. Your interactions with your tenants are crucial to your success. We have training case studies that have shown an uplift in customer satisfaction, increase in staff skills and a more effective way of dealing with tenant issues. Our Director is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing, has regularly presented at HouseMark clubs and is passionate about your sector.

Management Assessment.

Relying solely on an interview conversation, has been said in studies, to only increase your chances of finding the best candidate by 2%. If you see your candidates crucial soft skills in action, you can make more of an informed choice and plan for their ongoing development. Our Managing Director has previously aided role play sessions for Housing Associations for Management Recruitment. This involved simulating management and employee scenarios along with simulations of interacting with the public. Written assessments were provided to deliver a complete and comprehensive assessment. This was with The Platinum Group, The National Service to Housing, who support with anti-social behaviour.

“The role player had the task of role playing four different scenarios and managed to keep the scenario consistent…a better way of interviewing candidates”

Staffordshire Housing Association

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