Forum theatre workplace simulation is key for learning

Actors perform your workplace scenario and your employees are observers, invited to comment and give advice to the protagonist. The scenario enables you to achieve your learning objectives and to communicate important company messages.

The group can experiment and witness alternative outcomes as a result of behavioural changes.  Our Business Actors are adept at responding in the moment, improvising different responses and behaviour, whist still maintaining your organisations brief.


  • Champion soft skills, which is crucial to your company success
  • Aid learning by doing, discover how you can influence one another in your own communication style.
  • Communicate your business message in a highly effective and engaging way.
  • Add life and engagement to your own training day.
  • Enable group learning in a safe and engaging environment.


We  provide you with an expert qualified Trainer along, with two or more Professional Role Real Players per session. The Trainer will be essential to ensure that the Forum Theatre process is facilitated, ensuring maximum learning for you.


We can provide a one day or two day course, or simply slot into your day as a section, ranging from two hours to two days. We can add an engaging way to inspire your people and ensure your key messages land.

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