How would you feel if you could communicate with rooted confidence in those colleague to colleague meetings?

Proactively address your workplace problems?  Set those all-important boundaries?  Have the confidence to know you will be heard?

Enrich your work life.   We provide a supportive environment to develop confidence and provide you with skills of assertiveness.  Like many things assertiveness can be learnt.  Welcome to the assertive you.


Assertiveness is actually key to a business it aids the growth of both the company and the individual.  Many important suggestions and ideas can be lost from some of the most intelligent, inventive people.  With assertiveness a company could gain new business, new ideas, a more confident team, a higher success rate.

We can provide you with practical tips and an understanding of human interaction theories to aid you in your communication with others.

Here at Take Effect we understand that interactions can be tricky, we can empower you.

You have the options of:

  • The steps to making assertiveness your every day – One day course
  • Sharpen up your interactions, win over and influence people – Two day course

You will learn about:

The assertive toolbox

  • Three steps to being heard
  • Beneficial boundaries
  • Confidently communicate
  • The art of saying no

The power of non verbal and verbal

  • Passive and assertive behaviour
  • Hear me see me techniques
  • Stand your ground body language
  • Barriers to success

The internal workings

  • The emotion and behaviour cycle
  • Powerful personal strategy
  • Grow your way to the confident you
  • Sharpen up your interactions

Manage down and manage up.

  • Transactional analysis in the workplace
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Know your behavioural types
  • Dealing with colleagues emotions.

And more…

We provide a forum style aspect to the day whereby you can witness a scenario, role played by our team, while you learn and discuss as an observer.  See forum style for an explanation.

For a full course break down contact us today, welcome to the assertive, confident you.

Group Course Length

Currently a one or two day courses from 9:00 to 17:30

Group Course Dates

2015 dates to follow soon…

One on One Coaching

Do you prefer a one on one situation?  Are you wanting tailored coaching?  We can provide coaching tailored to you as an individual at a time that suits.  Training takes place in our training room or at a hired room dependent on location.

Coaching Length

One hour, two hour and three hour options.

“I found it very beneficial. Take Effect was quick at getting results and very easy to work with. A relaxed and enjoyable experience”  

– Learner Alex Hockie.

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail with your enquiry or alternatively call us on 0161 4570530 between 9am and 5pm. We love to chat. We do not store your personal data without your permission or share it with any third party.

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