Telephone, Virtual and Remote Roleplays

As part of your learning programme, you may opt for roleplay to embed learning. We offer easy dial in options using telephone or video conferencing to connect with learners and candidates. This ensures flexibility and a time that suits your teams everyday working commitments. We can accommodate global organisations with differing time zones.

The benefits of using virtual roleplay versus face-to-face

  • It can accommodate time zones.
  • We can replicate a realistic workplace environment.
  • You may want to practice your video conferencing communication skills.
  • It reduces the need for travel costs.
  • It is effective for assessment or development.
  • Skills can be practised at a time and place that suits the learner.
  • It can be a refresher or a follow up to face-to-face training.
Remote & Virtual Roleplay


“Excellent content and delivered by an expert”

Finance Director, Sellick Partnership

Virtual Roleplay for Development

Learners have the opportunity to practice their people skills live, wherever they are. It has been proven to embed learning following a face-to-face training session, e-learning theory training, or a follow up to a coaching session. Participants can receive immediate ‘in the moment’ feedback from the actor and the observer-facilitator to help them to improve their everyday work interactions.

Virtual Roleplay for Assessments

Utilising our interconnected world to bring live practice easily to anywhere has been increasing in its demand. A roleplay allows assessments to be made in a fair way, ensuring consistency and a live demonstration of a variety of soft skills. Many organisations have taken advantage of the cost savings by using remote assessments to remove the need for candidates to travel to assessment centres.

“The Role Player had the task of role playing four scenarios and managed to keep the scenarios consistent…a better way of interviewing candidates”

South Staffordshire Housing Association


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